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Low days allowed.

Today I am feeling a bit low. It's just one of those days that we all have and I am sure it will pass. Recognizing it is important. It's okay to say "I'm just not 100% today." There is no shame in acknowledging that life is not always parties and rainbows and ice cream sundaes. Sometimes it looks more like a massive jumble of work, responsibilities and regrets.

The thing is to not let these type of days void the great days. There are so many more great days in my life behind and ahead of me. Today I am going to just be. Be still and quiet. Let myself feel deeply and regain my strength. Go for a walk with my furry babies, read, listen to some great music and take a bath. That's how I like to spend a "down" day.

In my 20's I would think something was wrong with me if I wasn't constantly happy. If a bad day came along I would blame it on work, or my family or any outside force and not take the time to reflect on what exactly I may be feeling. It took me a long time to realize that there is always a need for a balance. There is good and there are bad days. It's when the bad days are outweighing the good and there is no light that you can see that you need to really stop and reassess. Maybe that looks like seeking medical help. Maybe that looks like a phone call to a friend. Taking any action is better than none.

We are never alone. That may seem cliche and cheesy, but is also true. We aren't alone. I have a few friends and family that on really bad days I can talk to. I also have myself. No-one knows me better than me. Today I get to be low, but just today. Tomorrow I have to get up and get on with all the adventures awaiting.

Just for today I get to be still...and maybe watch Anne of Green Gables for the umpteenth time.

Much Love.

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